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5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Yorkshire Terrier



  • Yorkshire Terriers also known as “Yorkies” offer big fun personalities in a small package. They may look small and fun but are very determined and brave. Surprisingly, Yorkies were once used and classified under the “working class dogs”. They were used for catching rats in clothing mills in the nineteenth century but eventually throughout the centuries, it left the workforce and became a companion to families.
  • Yorkshire Terriers are easily adaptable to all surroundings and they are pretty easy to take care of if you do not mind the vigorous shedding. They are smart and talented and are easy to train but gets a little bossy if the owners lets them off with every mistake they make, but be warned, owners most likely will forgive them because they are simply adorable.
  • Yorkies are very friendly and can be a wonderful play dog for your children, if you have any, or you can have them as your play dog, but they can be suspicious at times and tend to bark at strangers.
  • Due to Yorkshire terriers small, fine boned characteristics, it is easy to carry them around wherever you go. it makes travelling a whole lot easier and they can adapt to new places easily.
  • They love cuddles! They are very loving and affectionate towards their owners.


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All in all, Yorkies are talented, smart, determined, brave little pets that are adaptable to most places and they love cuddles. If you want to have a fun, energetic, talented toy dog, then the Yorkshire terrier is definitely for you.