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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Stay Fit and Healthy

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Dogs need their regular exercise, as they were born for a living. Thousands of years ago, dogs are meant for hunting, searching and providing protection but today our dogs are nothing more than a Couch Potato!

So get your dog to move, here are 5 ways to keep your dog stay fit and healthy.

1. Obstacle Courses

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A healthier dog is a happier dog. (IMG:http://dingo.care2.com

Set up obstacle courses, just grab some stuff from home and make a fun obstacle course out of it for your dog. For instance, grab a sofa and make some tunnels and guide your dog throughout the obstacles. This could challenge your dog mentally and physically.

This also could make your dog more athletic and active. Besides, you could let your kids to play along with your dog.

2. Run On The Treadmill

This is fun! Let your dog to run on the treadmill with a minimum speed and you may increase the speed accordingly once your dog is comfortable.  This could turn your dog into an enthusiastic high drive puppy.

It is better to stand in front of your puppy to reward her with some treats! This makes her day with great exercise and treat.

3. Fetch! – The Old School Way

Dogs love chasing for frisbees (IMG Source: http://askmax.countrymax.com)

This game is an ancient game, yet we have never realized the benefits. With good provided training, this game is both fun and enjoyable. Besides, it could create a better relationship with your dog.

But before you can play fetch with your dog, you must train your dog well. Some dogs play fetch naturally, but less dogs are that way. You can play this game with balls, sticks or Frisbee.

4. Teach Your Dog To Swim

‘Hit the water !’ Get your dog in the water whenever possible, probably when she is still a puppy. As she grows up, she will be more confident in swimming.

Remember to always stay there with your dog for safety precautions and remember to always dry her out after hitting the water to avoid getting ear infections.

5. Take For A Walk

This is minimum you can do to make sure your dog is fit and healthy. Bring your dog for a morning walk around the park to get some fresh air. Let your dog run around the park and get a curiosity of getting to know about nature.

Exploring mother nature could make her more active and vibrant dog.


It is important to keep your dog to stay fit and healthy with proper training, exercise and proper diet. With all of that, you can be sure that your dog will be healthier.

As an owner, it could also improve the relationship with your dog by spending more valuable and quality time with her. Besides that you can use this as an opportunity to lose your belly and to be fit together with your dog. Then change your lifestyle into a better one completely.

We hope this article could help you to keep your dog fit and healthy and at the same time you can stay healthy as well. How do you exercise with your dog? Comment below.