The Affenpinscher is a dog breed belonging to the toy breed group. The name Affenpinscher is a German word for ‘monkey’. That is probably because it looks a little near to a monkey with its thick fur around the face area.

The Affenpinscher dog is observed to be in colors of black, gray, fawn and sometimes also red. Growing up to a size of only 12 to 13 inches the Affenpinscher dog is a dog that worked to hunt down mice from grain mills.

The Affenpinscher Dog Breed Standard


Should You Adopt An Affenpinscher Dog?


The Affenpinscher dog is active and playful dog – just as its name states. Be prepared to be dealing with an active dog at home that rarely gets tired at all. They love meeting new dogs, needs plenty of walks and exercises.



The Affenpinscher is known to live up to 11 years, a little lower than many toy breed dogs. It was studied that the most common causes of the dog passing away was due to sickness such as respiratory problems because of the hot weather. Cataracts in the Afeenpinscher dog is also often reported so you might want to take note.


Despite having lots of facial furs, the Affenpinscher dog do not shed. Proper and frequent grooming will ensure the dog to have a nice coat. The rate of fur growth and color differs according to the dog’s age.

The Affenpinscher Dog Is Great For

  • People who don’t have a large space for their pets.
  • Loves active, fun and interactive dogs
  • Can spend extra time grooming and combing the dog’s fur daily

Own an Affenpinscher Dog? Learn the secrets to train him or her

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