Did you know the Afghan Hound is one of the oldest dog breed on earth? It got its name as it was originally living in the mountains of Afghanistan, thus the Afghan Hound. This dog breed was originally known as ‘Tazi’ too.

The Afghan Hound is a dog with a silky, long and beautiful coat. Also an elegant & independent dog, this dog usually appeals to beautiful people too.

A very intelligent dog that needs to be trained properly from the time it is a puppy, the Afghan Hound is also an agile dog that were used as as hunting dog before, back in the days.

The Afghan Hound has always been featured in films together with movie stars including many cartoons like 101 Dalmatians, if you remember.

Should You Adopt An Afghan Hound Dog?


The Aghan Hound is a playful dog whenever you play with it. They are sometimes unable to mix with other types of smaller dog breeds as it as a high preying drive.

It’s best to be careful when you take the Afghan Hound out for walks in the park, when there are smaller dogs around. However be assured you’ll look fabulous and get all the eye stares with an Aghan Hound!



Afghan Hounds live up to 13 years. Reports have found that these dogs usually die around 12 years old primarily because of cancer (30%).

The Afghan Hound, being in the sight hound group has very little body fat thus sensitive to chemicals such as anesthesia. One of the main concerns as well is that they are more prone to having allergies and hip dysplasia.

Grooming & Shedding

Grooming requirements for the Afghan Hound are frequent showers and combing to avoid fur tangles and. Because of its thick and luxurious, coat, extra care needs to be shown.

Owning the Afghan Hound, you will need to invest in a reliable dog conditioner and a good dog coat polish conditioner.

This dog breed does not shed.

Adopt An Afghan Hound if:

  • People who have space. They don’t do well in apartments.
  • Loves playful, elegant and interactive dogs.
  • Able to spend time to care for the dog
  • Likes a strong and agile dog.
  • Wants a strong appearance.

Own an Afghan Hound? Make sure you get the correct coat polish conditioner and detangler for them.