The Akita is a Japanese dog. It’s a very popular dog in Japan and also around the world, known for its loyalty and courage. A dog considered to be a large dog breed from the working breed, the Akita dog is also known as ‘Akita Inu’, just like how the Japanese calls them.

Akita dogs are strong and of a dominance over many other breeds. They can be perfect guard dogs that are fierce towards strangers but pretty loving when it comes to family members .

The Akita Dog Breed Standard


Should You Adopt An Akita?


The Akita dog is a lone type. Unlike dogs like huskies, they were never bred in large groups. Instead, they usually work better alone or as a pair. You’ll have to be careful when taking the Akita dog for walks in the park as it may be aggressive to other dogs of the same sex.

The Akita is also very territorial and besides not being very sociable with other dogs, the Akita is seen as a dangerous dog is some countries.




Akita Inu dogs are strong and built, but they are susceptible to some diseases & genetic conditions. As a responsible breeder, these can be avoided with proper care, regular checkups at the vet and with screening test.

Akita dogs may get Gastric Dilation Volvulus, which can be severe. It is a sort of stomach bloat that occurs in the dog because of large meals which are fed to the dog, causing their stomach to dilate. The stomach rotates or twist in this condition and is life threatening for dogs.

Akita dogs live up to 15 years.


Expect heavy shedding with the Akita Inu. Shedding occurs every 6 months with the Akita, where their undercoat will shed. Depending on the size of your dog and the care given, they can shed lots of hair during their shedding stage that could last up to 28 days.

The Akita Inu Dog Is Great For

  • Breeders who knows and is willing to train the dog’s temperament.
  • People who can accept heavy shedding of the Akita Inu
  • The Akita Inu are banned in some places. Check if your area or state allows it.
  • Apartments are alright with the Akita, provided they are taken for exercises
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