The Beagle is an active and playful dog which have good sense of smell as they were primarily meant to track smaller animals like hares. Back in the days, there were used to hunt stags down but as of today most Beagle dogs only hunt hares or become household pet dogs. If you plan to keep a Beagle indoors, be sure to keep your food stashed safely away or your dog is gonna sniff out your food.

Beagles are moderately friendly dogs. They accept strangers faster compared to many other dog breeds, which makes them not so ideal as watchdogs. Beagles are also known to bark a lot or sometimes even howl when it’s lonely and placed without care.

Soft ears and short legs looking instinctively similiar to the foxhound, the Beagle dog is one popular dog because of its intelligence and active attitude.

The Beagle Dog Standard Breed

Should You Adopt A Beagle Dog

Are you someone who is patient with training? The Beagle dog demands lots of training for it to groom into a fine dog. Training has to be started from puppy age.


Beagle dogs are gentle in nature and do not have hyped up temper. They are happy dogs – that’s why it’s so popular in household! They are generally kind and friendly to kids.

Their friendliness is enough to make them into the top 5 most popular dog breed in the world.



Beagles live up to 15 years.

As a Beagle dog owner, you might have to look into some medication for your Beagle dog in order to avoid epilepsy, which commonly occurs in Beagle dogs. Some Beagle dogs also suffer from dwarfism. It is basically losing the ability to grow and develop, resulting in weak body parts.

If you observe the Beagle dog’s appearance, you’ll notice that they have long floppy ears. This causes a higher chance that the Beagle might get ear infections, due to the lack of air flow. With no air flow, moisture gets locked in their ears. So proper ear cleaning will be needed if you often take your dog out to the beach or after a shower.

Despite all the possible sickness, Beagles are generally healthy dogs without much sicknesses. With proper care, they rarely get fall sick.



Moderate shedding on the Beagle dog. Expect to brush him a few times in a week to remove dead hair and to keep an even coat.

Beagle Dogs Are Great For:

  • Breeders who knows how and have the patience to train their dogs
  • People who have a small home area
  • People who have children at home
  • People who prefer an active dog that they can play and interact with