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Cat Massaging Dog – It’s actually kneading!


Seen this video of a cat massaging a dog? The video, cat massages dog has gone viral on the internet, depicting a cat showing some love to a dog.

Well what the cat is doing in the video isn’t exactly massaging its best friend, but the cat is doing what a cat does best, kneading.

What Is Kneading?

Kneading is a normal cat behavior where a cat rhythmically alternates its front paws, when observed – looks like a massaging action. Cats normally knead on a soft object like a pillow, sofa or even on your lap itself!

Some cats knead differently, by pushing their claws out as they knead. Kneading is also commonly known or called ‘kneading dough’. Kittens and adult cats knead as well, so don’t be surprised to see your cat do some kneading.

Why Do Cats Knead?

He or She Loves You

Cats usually knead for affection. If you have a pet cat, it should be a normal occurrence where it kneads on your lap as you are petting it. That’s him or her telling you that he loves you.

Depending on how your cat kneads, the more affection it receives it may start to knead more intensely, eventually digging its claws into your lap. This is not intended by your cat though, so don’t punish it for hurting you. If your cat does this often, consider getting some nail guards for your cat.

Give Me Space!

Cats are territorial in nature. The way a cat marks its territory is by leaving it’s scent. As they knead into a soft space (in this case, the poor dog), it is actually secreting sweat through the bottom of the paws to leave a scent.

Young Instinct

Kneading is also observed as something a kitten do to stimulate a nursing mother’s milk production. Despite that, you still see grown-up cats kneading.

That is probably because they are young at heart and have knead before when they were just kittens. Kneading gives them the comfort.

Stretching My Paws Off

Your cat might also be just doing its daily stretches. Cats stretches very often and kneading is one of the activities involved in stretching.

Try it for yourself. If you have sat infront of your computer for a little too long now, get up, put your hands on the table and pull!

There are many cat behaviors in which we find amusing. Sometimes it’s just an animal type of instinct that they have. However the next time if you happen to see a cat massaging a dog, that is it, doing one of the above – kneading.