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How To Remove A Tick From A Dog

removing tick from dog
removing tick from dog

As a dog owner, it’s common to find ticks on your dog. Dogs normally get ticks when you allow them to go outdoors.

Knowing the correct way to remove a tick from your dog is an essential skill any dog owner should know. Ticks can still latch on to your pet even if you have used some type of repellent.

It won’t take the tick too long before it transmit infections, so it’s better to quickly remove them. Here’s how to remove a tick from a dog.

Things You’ll Need

  1. A pair of tweezers – Better if you have a tick remover
  2. Gloves – Any gloves would do
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol – The kind of alcohol for first aid, please.
  4. Antiseptic Spray – Dog antiseptic

Removing Tick From Dog

Ticks can travel from host to host. That means they may actually take a ride on you before moving on to another host, for example your dog.

So always check for ticks after every outdoor adventure. Your dog who loves playing on grassy areas or damped areas will usually pick up some ticks.

1. Do A Check

The first thing to do after an outdoor trip is to check your dog thoroughly. Run your fingers through its coat and feel for any abnormalities. Hot places for ticks are usually around the ears, between its toes, bottom body and head.

When you have found one, don’t pull it off yet. You don’t want to be hurting your dog.

Remove tick from dog with a pair of tweezers
Remove tick from dog with a pair of tweezers

2. Removing The Tick

Chances of the tick biting into the flesh of your dog is high. If that is the case, don’t just pull the tick off. Doing so will just injure your dog and cause the tick’s pincers to be embedded in your dog’s skin.

To avoid any disease spread, put on gloves first.

Clean your pair with by wiping alcohol on it, sterilizing it. Carefully grab the the tick by its head and carefully pull it away from your dog.

Do not dab alcohol on the tick while it’s still on you dog. Doing so will make the tick secrete more hazardous saliva into your dog’s wound

Remove dog tick and kill tick in alcohol
Remove dog tick and kill tick in alcohol

Quick Tip! – More often than not, prevention is better than cure. Being a responsible pet owner means taking precaution to keep the fiesty fleas and ticks away. We recommend that you consider using tick collars as a preventive measure. If you want to know more about Seresto flea and tick collar then you may read at PetCareUp blog.


3 – Use Alcohol Again To Kill Ticks

Some ticks are hard to squeeze. Fail to kill it instantly and they may crawl away quickly before coming back to infect your dog later on.

It is often very messy to squeeze ticks to death as well (bloody mess), so we’ve got a better solution for you.

Alcohol will kill the tick. Simpy drop the tick into a small container with alcohol. That should kill the tick easily.

4. Clean Dog Wounds

With the tick removed, your dog should feel better. Before wrapping the job up, make sure to spray some antiseptic on the wound area.

This prevents disease spread and would also give your dog an itch relieve. This step is important because you’d don’t want your dog to be scratching the tick wound making it worse.

Don’t forget to give you dog a good praise after all of that!

Symptoms To Look Out For

There are few symptoms indicating that your dog has been infested by ticks.

  • Weakness – If your dog appear weak and moody, it’s a strong sign for your dog being infected by ticks.
  • Itch – Noticing your dog scratching it’s ears and body a lot? Check for ticks immediately.
  • Loss of Appetite – Your once happy to see food dog is somehow not as delighted to see food as it used to.
  • Skin Inflammation – Notice redness on the skin of your dog? There might be ticks lingering around the area.


As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to constantly check your dog for ticks. And when ticks do infect your dog, you should know how to remove dog ticks.

If the infection is too severe, pay a visit to the veterinarian immediately. Though tick removal can be convenient as a home treatment, severe cases will require the help of a professional to treat.

For prevention, using a flea collar or a tick repellent like Frontline can help prevent ticks from infesting your dog, but again, these

We hope with this article you’ve learnt how to remove ticks from dogs. If you have enjoyed reading this article, subscribe in our email newsletter below for more tips! Else tell us about your dog tick removing experience!


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