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[Infographic] Preventing Pet Obesity – Are Your Pets Obese?




As pet owners often overfeed our pets with food. Out of our love to provide for our pets, our simple work of affection can quickly add up and make our pets become obese very quickly. The usual things we feed our pets are:

  1. Dog food biscuits
  2. Treats, snacks and bites
  3. Canned food

Some pet owners are even unsure about how often to feed their pets. Unknowingly this can become serious problems for pets as diseases and sickness are often brought by obesity.

That’s is why we want to share with you this amazing infographic on battling the pet obesity (if you have a pet). Please remember to share this helpful infographic to your friends!

This infographic is brought to you by Greyhounds as Pets – A non profit organization
An Infographic on Pet Obesity- Fighting the Fat

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