Home News Massive Corgi Meetup Party during Corgi Beach Day

Massive Corgi Meetup Party during Corgi Beach Day

Corgi Beach Day

This is cuteness overload. From a small Corgi group meetup in 2012, last weekend over 600 Corgi met up in the 9th annual Corgi beach day at Huntington Beach, CA.

Some pups arrived looking all ready for the sun while some look all fabulous.

Corgi Beach Day

For more info on the event, check out their Facebook Page


Just Chillin’ With My Boo

A photo posted by Maki Boo (@corginista) on

Are we there yet?


The force is strong with this one

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We are ready to scare some pups

A photo posted by Shuming He (@shuminghe) on

Digging and burrowing is a must

A photo posted by Khayla Jordan (@khayla_jordan) on

Can we not do this? Oh my…..oh my!

A video posted by Link (@corgilink) on

On me boys


A photo posted by Jimmy Chang (@jimmythechang) on

Some like to observe.. Look at those ladies

Some prefer to impress the ladies

There were lots of Corgis


Can’t wait to join the gang

Corgi beach day

Got something to eat?

Corgi Beach Day

The kissing booth. This Corgi is a smart one

Kissing booth corgi

Twas was a good day


A photo posted by Miss Lupa (@lupathecorgi) on

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