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Please Help Marlo Recover – #SaveMarloThePuppy


Marlo is a beautiful puppy owned by two beautiful souls in Tasmania, Australia. She recently got into a terrible accident and is needing a great help from dog lovers around the planet. Read it the story of what happened below, and every small contribution would help. #savemarlothepuppy

Donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/marlos-emergency

save marlo the puppy
Marlo being treated in the vet. 🙁

Marlo is suffering from internal injury with the lungs, she can’t breath through the nose very well yet. Both front legs injured and paws are cut. Left front paw two toes broken. Cuts all over the chest. She’s being stabilized with oxygen and Iv fluids currently.

Read the message from Marlo’s parents below:

I am not usually thee one to ask for help, but I want to give my baby the greatest care and best chance of recovery possible.

Marlo is my 4-month-old GSP X Ridgeback puppy, on the night of the 8th of Feb 2017 she was hit by a car outside our house. We rushed her to the Emergency Animal Hospital. This was the scariest moment i have ever experienced. The whole trip Marlo had blood gushing out of her mouth and nose, and I was so scared she wasn’t going to make it. We got there JUST in time.

Marlo spent most of the night trying to be stabilized; she has an internally bruised lung, severe lacerations on her chest and extreme damage to her right paw.

At this time, the vets still have a lot of work to do to determine how severe her injuries are, her nose is swollen, and we are unable to tell if this is deep tissue damage or bone damage.

Currently, she doesn’t have oxygen levels good enough to put her under anesthetic, so we are focusing on keeping her fluids up and keeping her alive while we work on her general health to then be able to put her under GA to do further x-rays and stitch up her external injuries.

So far, the first night has cost me over $1000 – she will need to spend the next few nights in care at an animal hospital where she can be monitored and every morning i will transport her to another vet to have her looked after and treated during the day. Marlo is on heavy pain medications so hopefully isn’t feeling any of this.

In this current situation, i will go to the ends of the earth to keep her with us and spend every last cent i can. I hate to ask, but Marlo needs it, so I am. I’m please asking if anyone has even just a spare $5 to donate to her treatment and recovery, it would be greatly appreciated. I can’t put a dollar value on Marlo’s life. The love i have for her and the joy she has brought me is truly beyond words.

The total cost of keeping her stabilized, patching up her injuries and recovery will exceed the $3000 mark, and I could really use all the help I could get.

I really appreciate even the slightest amount anyone could help out with. Dogs really are one of the greatest blessings a human can have. All donations would go straight towards her vet bills, and if by any miracle we raise more than what is needed I will be donating the excess to the dogs home of Tasmania.

Your prayers and positive thoughts are also appreciated at this time.