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Rabbits Neglected And Mistreated


Pet Rabbits are nowadays always neglected and mistreated.



Study suggests that more then 70% of pet rabbits are currently badly cared and are mistreated and misunderstood by most families and shop owners alike. Rabbits have been made famous from cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny all the way to Peter Rabbit and is becoming one of the worlds favorite pets.

But with all the glamour that rabbits have, new evidence suggests that they are one of the most cruelly neglected and misunderstood pets. There are millions of different breeds of rabbits around the world that are being bred and kept. Besides being kept in cramped up conditions, they are also becoming sick and are dying through being fed with the wrong unsanitary food.

The majority of rabbit owners interviewed did not know what is the correct diet for their pet was and most of them didn’t know that rabbits needs space to exercise. Most pet owners think that rabbits can be kept in small rooms in condos or even at their balconies. Little did they know that rabbits needs a lot of space to exercise to be healthy. All pets and social creatures needs mental stimulation for them to be healthy.

Rabbits are intelligent and inquisitive animals that has been getting the bad end of human greed for a long time now, and the general public really has to try to do something to change people’s attitudes and help change the society and industry. Tony Woodley, an inspector from the RSPCA in UK said that we really have to do something to change people’s attitudes and tackle the ignorance that sadly is so prevalent. Tony also added that the charity that he was running had rescued 33,000 pet rabbits from cruelty in the UK over the past three years. There are almost over 250 convictions in the UK alone for cruelty to rabbits over that period.

People should actually do their research about rabbits and they will see not only the happy ones up for sale in a pet store but the poor forgotten ones usually sitting in small hutches or cages without proper food or clean water. Rabbits are mostly seen and understood as an “easy,simple to keep” pet instead of the smart, curious animals with the need to run and hop in an open space that they are. People have been keeping rabbits as pets for a very long time but rabbits is originally prized for its meat for food.

The situation has gotten so bad that some animal sanctuaries will not let their rabbits to be re-homed as pets for children or even adults alike but they cannot control the general public from buying rabbits from pet stores or dealers. Rabbits needs a lot of attention and rabbits cannot live well alone due to its nature as they live in groups in their natural habitats. We are not against families that wants to take in rabbits as pets, but people should have the right knowledge and the proper information and guidance to actually keep rabbits as pets.

Rabbits needs grass, fresh greens such as carrots and cabbages instead of the industrial concentrated food that people are now feeding them due to convenience. A lack of nutrition can pose a threat to rabbits and cause problems such as dental problems and indigestion.

All in all, rabbits are wonderful pets, and if they are taken care of properly with proper guidance and love, they will surely be an amazing addition to your family giving you back endless love and fluffiness. To everyone that is planning to get a rabbit as your pet and to those who already have a rabbit as a pet, please ensure you do proper research and find out if the criteria fits your humble pet bunny.