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The Most Popular Pug in The World, Doug


If Michael Jackson was the king of pop, Doug gotta be the next king of pop in the doggy world.

Meet Doug, a Nashville pug who has been featured on TIME magazine, Good Morning America, Buzzfeed and more.


Check our Doug’s facebook page where he shows off his daily hustling.

Here are more links to Doug’s social pages

Doug loves shopping for food. He really does

A photo posted by Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

He loves food so much that he sometimes dresses up like food


Other than food he enjoys drinking sometimes


You’ll find Doug in the club looking like this


When Doug had a little too much drinks

drunk doug pug

But despite all that, Doug is really a mama’s pug

Doug the pug with mama pug

Just giving the stares

Doug the pug stare

Doug loves taking long showers

doug bathing pug

After a long day rolling with his buddy

A video posted by Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Doug happens to be an Uber driver too

Doug the uber pug

He’s a responsible driver, don’t worry!

responsible doug pug

All Doug wants as a pug is food


And his crush to text him back

pug phone

Seriously, with his eyes. No puggerinas will say no

Pug with glasses

Doug looking all swag

Doug The Pug

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