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Three Secret Tips To Train Your Dog


Choose Your Space Carefully

1. When we think of architecture and home design, we generally think in human terms. Is the home or apartment big enough for the family? But always remember, there must be sufficient room for your dog to roam around for it to be happy and a place to call home. If a dog does not have sufficient space or is uncomfortable with the area, It will then be very agitated and tends to be aggressive thus making it harder to train. Remember to have sufficient space for your dogs. Choose wisely and carefully on the type of breed for your space.



Communication is key

2. The lack of communication between owner and dogs can prove to be a very big problem. Many behavior problems such as barking, biting and digging stems from a lack of communication or miscommunication between the owner (you) and your dog. Your dog is not aware of what is expected of him/her except for receiving treats on a daily basis.  Applying some proper obedience training at an early stage is the most effective technique to correct any behavior problems and also prevent any future problems (The earlier the better). But fret not for dog owners who wants to train their dogs at a very late stage, they can, but obviously they definitely need a ton of patience and tolerance. Set boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors and make it clear to your dog that you mean business! Be clear that you are always the alpha leader in your owner-dog relationship.



Treats! Treats! Treats! or not?

3. The thin line between rewarding your pets. Be careful if you are not inadvertently rewarding the behavior you are trying to eliminate. An example of this would be if you want your dog to stop barking, but if he is barking outside, you then go on and call him in and if he comes in you then reward him with treats, he will definitely and surely do it again. Rewarding your dog with treats at the right time is crucial for training your dogs. Always remember what you are rewarding your dog for and for the right reasons. If you consistently apply the proper training techniques and add some commitment, patience and love, you are sure to achieve results with your dog. Always remember, having a dog is not for fun but it is a long term commitment and you should love him/her with all your heart and surely he/she will do the same, afterall, you are all they have.